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Quality perforated panels for optimal sound absorption

Controlling noise with perforated sound absorption panels

perforated panels are effective in absorbing noise in crowded places like schools, theatres, hospitals, offices and even airports

Using perforated acoustic panels can help minimize unwanted sound reflections that can cause distraction in places where communication plays a vital role. This is especially important in case of call centres where there is constant ringing of phones or in busy offices bustling with the sound of copiers and fax machines. We offer a wide range of wooden panels with perforation designs, which are ideal for absorbing high frequency sounds, and can help you maintain a noise-free atmosphere in your office.

Acoustic perforated panels for reducing reverberation time

In theatres, performance halls and large conference rooms where there is a huge audience, controlling noise can be quite difficult. In addition to that, the use of microphones and loudspeakers increases reverberations that can reduce audibility and spoil the auditory experience for audiences. We provide customized perforation panels that absorb sound to maintain the perfect reverberation time, which is neither too long nor too short.

The perforated panels we offer are available in a variety of designs to suit the acoustic requirements as well as the décor of the hall. If you want, we can also provide panels designed with tiny perforations that are noticeable only from a close distance.

Call us to know more about our acoustic panels

At topakustik, we focus on providing solutions that suit our customers? requirements and do our best to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. To find out more about the perfect perforated acoustic panels for your property, call us today at +41 (0)41 679 73 73 or fax us at +41 (0)41 679 73 79. Otherwise, you can also find out more about our services through the perforated panel enquiry form, in which you can mention your queries in detail.

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