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Interior wall panels to regulate noise levels inside

interior wall panels to maintain room acoustics

Installing interior wall panels in theatres, auditoriums and recording studios

interior wall panels are perhaps the ideal solution to let the audience enjoy opera or concert music in its pristine form. Ideal for installation in large and small areas like recording studios, music halls, auditoriums, theatres and even home theatre rooms in a house, interior acoustic wall panels are made of wood and act as excellent sound absorbers. These panels are available in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and finishes (wood and veneer) to suit the aesthetic as well as the acoustic needs of a room.

Benefits of installing interior wall panels

Undoubtedly, the main benefit of interior acoustic panels is reduction of unwanted noise, so the audience can enjoy the show without any disturbance. An interior acoustic wall panel is usually an additional layer of panelled wall that reduces the noise and prevents it from interfering with the sounds outside. Besides reducing the noise, interior wall panels can also regulate and maximize the sounds so that you can experience sound effects at their best during the show. The type of panels you use and the thickness of the wall will depend on the percentage of noise you wish to reduce.

Tailored interior wall panels

The shape, the design and the type of wall panels you choose should be based on the acoustic as well as the aesthetic requirement of the space you wish to install them in. Well designed wooden wall panels not only add to the beauty of your room, but also help in maintaining good room acoustics. Considering the varied needs of different businesses, topakustik offers a wide range of wall panelling solutions at affordable costs.

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