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Fire-rated walls for safety at workplace

Multipurpose fire-rated walls

The importance of fire-rated walls in offices

In many buildings, fire-rated walls are mandatory to meet fire protection requirements. Office buildings are usually crowded. Problems in electrical wiring or someone’s negligence can easily cause a fire breakout in such a place. The use of fire resistant wall panels is highly recommended in places like office buildings, auditoriums, concert halls and theatres to avoid such a disaster.

fire-rated walls for excellent workplace acoustics

Apart from providing protection against fire, non-flammable wall panels offered by topakustik also help in improving work place acoustics. The perforations and grooves in our fire-rated walls enhance sound effects by absorbing and promoting sounds of specific frequencies. This can make a great difference in the overall workplace functionality and environment.

fire-rated walls to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your workplace

topakustik’s fire resistant wall panels are also helpful in enhancing the overall ambience of indoor spaces. These panels can give your office a rich and opulent or a clean and professional look as desired. topakustik offers fire-rated wall panels in a variety of sizes, finishes, colours and designs so that customers have many options to choose from. Their customized services help customers create exactly the look they want for their office. Experts at topakustik can ensure timely and precise installation of your non-flammable wall panels.

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