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Great acoustical solutions are achieved with wooden panels

It is important to determine the right acoustical solutions for an optimal acoustic environment

At topakustik, you get acoustical solutions that match your needs perfectly

The acoustical solutions suggested for different indoor spaces vary in accordance with the level of sound absorption required. Some spaces may require a tightly-controlled and tranquil acoustic environment while others may be more flexible about the level of sound absorption. topakustik has the right solutions for different acoustic needs, offering a range of wood panel designs that absorb sounds in low, medium and high frequencies.

Our acoustical solutions also take design and safety considerations into account

The acoustic treatment of a room does not stop at installing wooden panels that achieve the desired sound absorption levels. It should also take into account other factors, one of which is appearance. The wooden panels should match the interior décor or offer the desired ambience in the space. This is especially true for commercial establishments like auditoriums, theatres and restaurants where people congregate. topakustik understands this, and meets clients' style needs by offering a range of colours, perforation patterns, groove designs and surface finishes.

Non flammable wall and ceiling panels ensure safety of room occupants, and are crucial in places like hospitals and schools. Our RESAP non-flammable panels are ideal for acoustic applications, and available in all varieties of wood veneer. On the safety side, we offer formaldehyde-free panels for a hygienic environment. Depending on how you will be using the particular room, you can get matching solutions from topakustik.

Well known as a reliable provider of quality acoustical solutions

topakustik enjoys a good reputation in the industry, and is known for introducing innovative products into the market. We are the preferred choice of many commercial establishments, who count on us to provide quality acoustical solutions.

Our skilled designers and engineers give their undivided attention to each project, and finish the task on time every time. We work with you to decide what is best for your interiors and what can ensure sustained results.

Get in touch with us

For more information on our products, installation and prices, call us today at +41 (0)41 679 73 73 or fax us at +41 (0)41 679 73 79. You can also fill in our contact form for acoustical solutionsto get your queries answered quickly.

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