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Excellent acoustic paneling solutions for noise control

Appropriate acoustic paneling options for your property

Efficient acoustic paneling solutions for enhanced audibility

The importance of acoustic paneling for the ideal room acoustics, reduction of sound reflections and improved audibility cannot be stressed enough. Having the right acoustic treatment plan in place will ensure clear communication in schools, offices, hospitals, and enhanced auditory experience in theatres, opera halls and auditoriums. We offer the best acoustic solutions that can help you reduce noise created over a wide range of frequencies.

Sound absorbing acoustic paneling for optimal reverberation time

In large spaces such as auditoriums, theatres and lecture halls, sound waves that reflect on the walls or other hard surfaces tend to create echoes or reverberations, which can either enhance or worsen your acoustic experience. To make sure that the ideal reverberation time is maintained, it is important to have appropriate acoustical panelling that can efficiently absorb the interfering sounds. Considering the size of the room and its auditory requirements, our acoustic experts can help in designing and installing the perfect acoustic panels suitable for walls, ceilings and also cabinet doors.

Professional acoustic paneling services for long-term benefits

While good quality acoustic panels are necessary for efficient sound absorption, proper installation is important if you want long-term benefits of acoustic paneling. Our expert engineers and designers, who are experienced in wall and ceiling panel installation for a variety of commercial and professional settings, will ensure that the acoustic panels are installed exactly as you need them.

Call us for professional and timely acoustic panel installation

We provide quality and timely services to all our customers. To know more about the acoustic solutions we provide, call us at +41 (0)41 679 73 73 or fax us at +41 (0)41 679 73 79. Otherwise, you can fill in our contact form for acoustic paneling to tell us about your requirements or post your queries.

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